July 21 2014, 2am

hey scoots,look! *squee*

Ahhh! This is awesome! Dead CMC for the win!!

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July 7 2014, 4pm


hello 4chin users…. I just wanted you to know I am really triggered by a MINT CONDITION NINTENDO WII U BUNDLE WITH NINTENDOLAND AND MARIO KART 8….. if someone were to, I don’t know, ship one to my door, I would get EXTREMELY TRIGGERED and probably DELETE MY BLOG…. so no one do that ok…

WHAT A COINCIDENCE! I’m triggered by the same thing except THE WII U HAS TO HAVE WIND WAKER AS WELL..AND IT REALLY SHOULDN’T BE THE ZELDA WII U BECAUSTHATWOULDCAUSE   ME SO MUCH DISTRESS…Shipping one to my house would be SUCH a dick move since it’s so triggering for me…no one do that…

July 5 2014, 4pm

Okay I’m gonna do some Discorded (?) Ghostly!

I’m clearing my ask box so ask away! Also I’ll need a FEW questions that are slightly hurtful to Ghostly to set her off. But actual questions are more important. Have fun!

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July 5 2014, 4pm

cyberprincesstwilight said: If your partner doesn’t like the things you do and makes you feel like that because of it, then he was an asshole anyway. They should be supportive of their partner’s hobbies and things, not being passive aggressive and assholish.

This is 100% true and if for whatever reason your partner doesn’t support you in something you do that makes you happy (and saves you from having no gas or food or insulin because of their dumb spending habits on multiple occasions) I suggest you dumb them like a rock in Niagra Falls.
Also I’ll be answering any more like these on my mod blog.
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July 5 2014, 3pm

magic-accidents-happen said: Mod: drawing something is wrong? wow what a jerk.

It’s not so much that drawing something is wrong, it’s that because of what happened that’s what my subconscious thought. See, it went like this.

Brett hated ponies. Like a lot. So when he came home I didn’t watch episodes or videos or anything unless I was on my computer doing my own thing. However I did still draw them to keep my blogs and commissions up. He got jealous of the attention I gave my blogs and how he couldn’t enjoy them with me the way my followers could. When we talked about it I told him I’d stop the blogs or start another blog in something that we could enjoy together, but he told me that it was okay, so I continued as normal and all was well.

When he left I didn’t get an explanation as to why. All he said was “This isn’t what I want anymore. This won’t make me happy in the long run.” So of course I immediately go “What did I do? Is it because I watched YouTube all day? Did I not clean enough?” and of course Ponies was a big reason he left in my mind. I still haven’t gotten an explanation from him to this day, but I now know that it was just because he didn’t love me anymore. But the problem was, by not giving me a concrete reason, the stigma was placed.

Ponies and my blogs were labeled as “wrong” in my subconscious because that’s why I thought he left. So I didn’t draw for a while, and when I did it wasn’t ponies. Heck, sometimes it’s still hard for me to draw ponies, and I still can’t trust it 100% when Jeff tells me “No it’s alright go draw the ponies while I play my video game.” because that’s exactly what I heard before.

I’ve gotten over it for the most part now, but that’s why it was so hard for me to draw for a while.

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July 5 2014, 3pm

Regarding this blog’s lack of activity…

Okay so I know ever since the arc with The Crufavers I’ve been dead. I hate it just as much as you all. My plan was to get guest artists and then start the next story arc. As you can see this didn’t happen, and prom hasn’t worked out either…

The problems arose from me being too lax with my guest artists (two of whom STILL haven’t finished their panels) and from the break-up with Brett which made me have a stigma against drawing ponies and updating my blogs since they were labeled as “wrong” and “the reason he left” in my subconscious for a while…

HOWEVER! Since I am going to be at Bronycon I wanna at least give y’all SOMETHING on this blog. The next story is going to be put on hold for a moment until I can get a surprise arc that I’ll be having before it that y’all are gonna LOVE!!

So what I wanna know from y’all is whether or not you want some questions to be answered normally for a while or if y’all wanna see Discorded Ghostly for a bit (which will be canon this time since I have an idea for a lead-in and stuff). What do you think?

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