October 14 2014, 11am

((Many thanks to ask-factory-scootaloo for drawing this panel <3))

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September 29 2014, 10pm

Announcement - Fix to the “From The Beginning” Button

I noticed that the “From The Beginning” button on my page was not going through the entirety of the blog, and only to the end of the Candy Arc. This has been fixed and it now goes through today’s latest post.

I’m sorry updates have been infrequent guys! I promise they’re about to pick up and you’re gonna LOVE it.

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September 25 2014, 10pm

And guys I don’t wanna hear about Scootaloo isn’t my character.

They’re stealing Ghostly, who is. So yeah.

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September 25 2014, 9pm

Guys the coop needs your help!


We found out a thief (also known as Fireflare123) has been stealing our Scootaloos and doing rps using them. Claiming that they credited them, therefore can use them. Even though they got their personalities/descriptions wrong. They recently deleted the page and put it back up without the descriptions but still claiming they can use our Scootaloos. Please help.


Proof we didn’t want or get asked permission.

Post better explaining things.

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September 25 2014, 9pm

Hey guys? We need help.

So members of the Coop and I have came across this.


This person is blatantly ripping off our characters. We have asked that he take them down and he has refused. Please go and report him for stealing. Thanks.

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September 25 2014, 9pm

Holy shit Ghostly is at 2000+ followers.

WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?! Now I have to do something

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September 25 2014, 2am

Are you a ghost?

Nah. I’m a Pony.


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September 24 2014, 1pm

((Hey all! Mod here. I nuked the inbox because digging through stuff was tiring. Plus I’m about to start a story arc so be sure to ask some good ones!))

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